I always wondered what happened to country singer Jeff Carson. Super nice guy whose career just never quite took off. I remembered that he had a fascination with anything police-related, and even had a collection of badges, patches, and paraphernalia. Well, my question was answered when the Franklin, Tennessee police department released a video to promote their non-emergency number. Hello, Jeff!

Jeff Carson followed what I would consider the natural path when his music career didn’t take off. He became a police officer in Franklin, Tennessee! Natural for Jeff, anyway, because he’s always been fascinated by law enforcement.

I met Jeff many years ago when I traveled to Washington, D.C. for an artist showcase. It’s a very big thing for a new artist because their record company flies in radio people from all over the country to hear them. The pressure is on to be the best that they can be!

Unfortunately, Jeff’s showcase was right after a week-long country radio seminar in Nashville that is notorious for making people sick! Something about the recycled air in the Opryland Hotel, or something, causes everyone to come down with a cough and sore throat.

Jeff was no exception! He barely had a voice as we all gathered at a hotel in the nation’s capitol to listen to him sing. And sing he did, despite the fact that he could barely talk! We all finally told him to stop before he destroyed his voice altogether. We’d heard his music and absolutely loved it. I was disappointed when he didn’t make it. Truly one of the nicest, most sincere people I ever met in the business.

But I’m thrilled to see he’s pursuing his other passion…law enforcement! And he even found a way to combine the two by recording a video promoting the police department’s non-emergency phone number. The lyrics are repetitive but, hey, that’s the point!

The police video is above. But I also wanted to include a video from Jeff’s Country Music heydey. I’ve always loved the video to his song ‘The Car.’

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